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#!/usr/bin/env lucicfg
# Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Generate Tricium configs for Fuchsia repos.
These configs only exist separate from the main fuchsia LUCI configs because
Tricium doesn't allow different CQ groups within a single project to declare
different sets of analyzers. Once LUCI CV is deployed, we can merge these
configs into the main fuchsia LUCI config codebase and delete all of these
Tricium-only projects.
repo_var = lucicfg.var(expose_as = "repo")
builder_var = lucicfg.var(expose_as = "builder")
# Update this version whenever relying on new lucicfg features.
lucicfg.check_version("1.30.9", "Please update lucicfg")
def generate(repo, builder):
"""Generate the Tricium configs for a repo.
repo (str): The name of the repo, i.e. the path of its remote URL. For
example: "infra/recipes".
builder (str): The name of the Tricium builder to trigger. Assumed to be
in the "fuchsia" project and the "tricium" bucket.
if not repo or not builder:
fail("`repo` and `builder` vars are required")
config_dir = "repositories/" + repo,
fail_on_warnings = True,
lint_checks = [
# Make sure to ignore commit-queue.cfg, otherwise CQ would break due to
# Tricium being weird.
tracked_files = ["project.cfg", "realms.cfg", "tricium-prod.cfg"],
name = "fuchsia-" + repo.replace("/", "-"),
tricium = "",
acls = [
roles = [acl.CQ_COMMITTER],
groups = ["project-fuchsia-committers"],
acl.entry(roles = [acl.PROJECT_CONFIGS_READER], groups = ["all"]),
bindings = [
roles = "role/configs.validator",
groups = ["project-fuchsia-config-validation"],
# We don't generate CQ configs for these projects so the name doesn't
# matter.
name = "arbitrary",
watch = cq.refset("" + repo),
verifiers = [
builder = "fuchsia:tricium/" + builder,
owner_whitelist = ["project-fuchsia-committers"],
mode_allowlist = [cq.MODE_ANALYZER_RUN],
generate(repo_var.get(), builder_var.get())