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What is This?
This project contains some experiments in software that runs on UEFI
firmware for the purpose of exploring UEFI development and bootloader
External Software Included
Local Path: third_party/gnu-efi/...
Description: headers and tooling to build UEFI binaries with gcc, etc
Source: git://
Version: 6605c16fc8b1fd3b2085364902d1fa73aa7fad76 (post-3.0.4)
License: BSD-ish, see gnu-efi/README.*
Local Path: third_party/edk2/...
Description: ax88772b UEFI driver, as well as headers for UEFI from Tianocore EDK II
License: BSD-ish, see headers
Local Path: third_party/ovmf/...
Description: UEFI Firmware Suitable for use in Qemu
License: BSD-ish, see ovmf/LICENSE
External Dependencies
qemu-system-x86_64 is needed to test in emulation
gnu parted and mtools are needed to generate the disk.img for Qemu
Useful Resources & Documentation
ACPI & UEFI Specifications
Intel 64 and IA-32 Architecture Manuals
Tianocore UEFI Open Source Community
(Source for OVMF, EDK II Dev Environment, etc)