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Demo implementation of fuchsia.intl.PropertyProvider. This service provides a fuchsia.intl.Profile that is configured using the protocol fuchsia.examples.intl.PropertyManager.

PropertyManager is intended solely for demo purposes; real implementations of PropertyProvider are expected to construct a Profile by reading the user's settings.

Initial profile

Without additional flags, the intl_property_manager serves an empty Profile. It is possible to add flags to instruct it to serve a nonempty Profile, as follows:

  • --set_initial_profile: this flag must be set to instruct the server to serve a nonempty initial locale.
  • --locale_ids=...: a comma-separated list of BCP-47 compatible locale identifiers to be served, in the order of preference.
  • --locale_ids=...: a comma-separated list of BCP-47 compatible time zone identifiers to be served, in the order of preference.

The above flags can be set in the "args" section of the file intl_property_manager.cmx.

In case the above list of flags goes out of date, running intl_property_manager with the flag --help will always display the currently accepted list of flags.

Compile and run

Configure the environment using:

fx set core.x64 --with=//garnet/packages/tests:intl_examples
fx build

You can then start the QEMU with networking, assuming that you use QEMU as a testing device and that you have confirmed that it works:

fx emu -N

Once it runs:

fx serve

If all of the above are running, you can now test the implementation using:

$ fx run-test intl_property_manager_tests