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A cross platform test template for validation of Magma drivers.


vkprimer is a template application for vulkan development on Fuchsia. It serves:

  • As the basis for golden-image-based testing of Magma drivers w/ skia-gold.

  • As a cross-platform (Fuchsia / Linux / macOS) vulkan-based template that can be used to compare the rendering output of all the respective renderers as a debugging and development aid.

  • As an introductory how-to for Vulkan development on Fuchsia.

It was written to codify and encapsulate the central idioms of Vulkan to facilitate a better understanding of the Vulkan API.

vkprimer reveals dependencies between different Vulkan constructs, in its simplest form, by reviewing the constructor arguments of each of the classes to understand what it is they depend on to be fully initialized.

Init() methods are a central theme within the classes. These methods do the lion's share of the work to initialize any given instance. This simplifies constructors and allows deferred loading strategies to better manage start-up time.

It is the responsibility of the Init() methods to release initialization parameters (“InitParams”) that are constructed in the constructors of each of the classes that rely on them. These are temporary parameters that contain state that exist between object construction through the end of the call to Init() on that object. InitParams are expected to have no subsequent use beyond initializing the object.

frag.spv and vert.spv were compiled using LunarG's glslangValidator app on debian.