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  1. agent/
  2. annotation/
  3. basemgr/
  4. component/
  5. config/
  6. intent/
  7. lifecycle/
  8. module/
  9. session/
  10. story/
  11. surface/
  13. fuchsia.modular.api

Modular FIDL API

Public SDK Approved APIs

Modular has a large surface area which is undergoing significant change. For this reason, not all FIDL services are approved for external use. Here are the currently approved APIs:

  • fuchsia.modular.Agent
  • fuchsia.modular.PuppetMaster (with the exception of method PuppetMaster.WatchSession()).
  • fuchsia.modular.StoryPuppetMaster

NOTE: All structs and tables assocated with the services above are implicitly included.