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This directory contains the root_ssl_certificates package, which is used by appmgr to provide the root-ssl-certificates sandbox feature.

The certificates file, third_party/cert.pem, is updated using the roll_certs.go script, which pulls from Mozilla's root cert bundle at and converts it to a single PEM file using third_party/convert_mozilla_certdata.go. To update, simply run go run roll_certs.go and, if this results in any update to third_party/cert.pem, check in the new versions of both third_party/cert.pem and third_party/cert.stamp.

This includes the third_party/convert_mozilla_certdata.go tool, which is used by roll_certs.go to extract the bundle of Mozilla root certificates. This tool is originally from The version of the tool here is taken from commit 492d8c95628eb861a9f1467099936bc2b1fd6a7b.

The contents of third_party/cert.pem are covered by the license file third_party/LICENSE.MPLv2.