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  1. dev_atx_pik_certificate.bin
  2. devkey_atx_pik.pem
  3. devkey_atx_prk.pem
  6. vim3_dev_atx_metadata.bin
  7. vim3_dev_atx_permanent_attributes.bin
  8. vim3_dev_atx_psk_certificate.bin
  9. vim3_dev_product_id.bin
  10. vim3_devkey_atx_psk.pem
  11. vim3_devkey_atx_puk.pem

Vim3 Demo AVB Key

The folder contains a set of avb keys for khadas vim3 device for demo/test purpose. For production, users should replace them with their own keys and certificates.

A script “” is provided as a reference of how these keys are generated.