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  2. config.go
  5. suspend_test.go


The suspend_test verifies that the device enters the S3 suspend to RAM power state, and attempts to resume when the power button is pressed. At this point the device is not expected to resume successfully.

This test is only enabled on Atlas devices since the device-specific EC serial line is used to verify that the device is in the correct power state, and to send the resume signal.

To build the test:

% fx set ... --with //src/tests/end_to_end/suspend:test --args 'enable_suspend=true'
% fx build

Since the enable_suspend flag is set to false by default, disabling suspend on the device, it is necessary to push this build to the device before running the test.

% fx ota

To run the test:

% $(fx get-build-dir)/host_x64/e2e_suspend_test --ssh-private-key ~/.ssh/fuchsia_ed25519