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Starnix Test Runners

Reviewed on: 2021-04-14

This directory contains two test runners:

  • starnix_test_runner: runs test binaries that are compiled for Linux.
  • starnix_unit_test_runner: runs unit tests for the Starnix runner itself.

Starnix Test Runner

The Starnix test runner runs test binaries that are compiled for Linux. Each such Linux binary expects to run in a particular environment (e.g., a particular system image). Starnix calls such an environment a “galaxy.”

All galaxies share the same starnix_runner.cml, but they differ in their configuration. A galaxy is simply a package that contains the Starnix runner component along with a system image and configuration file.

The Starnix test runner expects each test component to bundle its galaxy inside of the test package. The Starnix test runner then instantiates the bundled Starnix runner for each test, and uses that runner to actually run the test binary.

This means that the same test runner can be used for all Starnix galaxies, and each test component runs hermetically.

To create a new Starnix test component, first add the following include to the test .cml:

include: [ "//src/proc/tests/starnix_test.shard.cml" ]

This shard sets the runner of the component to starnix_test_runner and creates the collection that starnix_test_runner will use to instantiate the test's starnix_runner instance.

Once the .cml is defined, the test package needs to be updated to include the appropriate galaxy.

For example, the build template used for running tests in a bionic based environment:

template("starbionic_test_package") {
  starnix_test_package(target_name) {
    forward_variables_from(invoker, "*")

    galaxy = "//src/proc/bin/galaxies/starbionic_test"

The galaxy argument points to the directory containing the galaxy definition.

Starnix Unit Test Runner

This runner is intended to be used by the starnix runner‘s unit tests. It is a wrapper around the regular Rust test runner that adds additional permissions required by starnix unit tests that shouldn’t be available to regular Rust test components.