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Gunit Runner

Reviewed on: 2022-04-07

Gunit Runner is a test runner that launches a gunit binary as a component, parses its output, and translates it to fuchsia.test.Suite protocol on behalf of the test.


fx set core.x64 --with //src/sys/test_runners/gunit
fx build


A test that needs additional capabilities can use a manifest like the following:

    include: [
    program: {
        binary: "bin/my_component_test",
    // ... other capabilities


Test cases are executed sequentially by default. Instruction to override.


See passing arguments to learn more.


  • If a test calls GUNIT_SKIP(), it will be recorded as Passed rather than as Skipped. This is due to a bug in gunit itself.


We currently don't have a way of writing gunit tests. So we simulate those tests by converting gunit flags to gtest flags and then running the test using gtest framework.


fx test gunit_runner_tests
fx test gunit-runner-integration-test
fx test gunit-runner-smoke-test

Source layout

Gtest and Gunit have identical output formats. They differ in name of the flags passed to test binary. All source code of this component is hosted in //src/sys/test_runners/gtest folder. This folder hosts configuration, build files and some test files.

The entrypoint is located in src/, the FIDL service implementation and all the test logic exists in src/ Unit tests are co-located with the implementation.