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Fuzz Test Runner

The Fuzz Test Runner is a test runner that creates a FIDL connection between the fuzz-registry and the fuzzer component it launches. In all other respects it is identical to the ELF Test Runner.

This test runner is useful for providing the fuzz-manager with a way to control fuzzers running within the Test Runner Framework. The channel it installs in the fuzzer breaks the hermeticity of the Test Runner Framework in a limited and controlled manner. It allows the fuzzer to register a protocol with the fuzz-registry that the fuzz-manager can use to connect a controller and drive fuzzing workflows.


fx set core.x64 --with //src/sys/test_runners/fuzz
fx build


Fuzzing arguments are workflow-specific and may be changed at runtime via the Configure method of the fuchsia.fuzzer.Controller protocol.



fx set core.x64 --with //src/sys/test_runners/fuzz:tests
fx build
fx test fuzz-test-runner-tests

Source layout

The entrypoint is located in src/, and the implementation of the ComponentLanucher is in src/ All other code, including the FIDL service implementation are a part of //src/sys/test_runners/elf:lib. Tests are located within tests/