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cm_types library

This library contains common Component Manager types used in Component Manifests (.cml files and binary .cm files). These types come with serde serialization and deserialization implementations that perform the required validation.

.cml files go through a series of transformations before they are consumed by Component Manager at runtime.

  • JSON5 .cml files are transformed by cmc into .cm files, a JSON format not meant to be edited by humans.
  • JSON .cm files are transformed by Component Resolvers into fuchsia.sys2.ComponentDecl FIDL, and sent over FIDL to Component Manager.
  • Component Manager transforms fuchsia.sys2.ComponentDecl FIDL into a local representation (in Rust) that does some validation and unwraps required “optional” values in FIDL tables.

Each of these stages perform some level of validation, which includes validating things like entity names, paths, URLs, etc. All of these types require the same validation and should be represented by the types in this library.

When adding a basic, common type to the CML syntax, consider whether that type should be added here, so that every stage of the transformation pipeline can benefit.