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  1. access.fidl
  2. bootstrap.fidl
  4. configuration.fidl
  5. fuchsia.bluetooth.sys.api
  6. host_watcher.fidl
  7. identity.fidl
  9. pairing_delegate.fidl
  10. pairing_options.fidl
  11. peer.fidl
  13. security_mode.fidl

Core Bluetooth system library

This library provides a management plane for Fuchsia's core Bluetooth subsystem. It defines protocols that build an abstraction for the Generic Access Profile.

The FIDL protocols defined in this library allow clients to manage hardware policy, read and write sensitive information (such as device name), intercept authentication challenges, and manage stored bonds. Hence these capabilities should only be granted to components that have sufficient privilege.


  • HostWatcher: Fuchsia maintains a host-subsystem for each Bluetooth controller that is available to the OS, represented as a bt-host device. The HostWatcher protocol can be used to enumerate the bt-host devices that are detected by the core system and designate an active one that all Bluetooth procedures will be routed to.

  • Access: Abstracts the procedures defined in the Generic Access Profile including device discovery, connection establishment, and pairing. This protocol is intended to build system-level user interfaces.

  • Configuration: Set system-level configuration parameters which apply to the core Bluetooth system.