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Fuchsia getting started

Welcome to Fuchsia! This guide walks you through the steps to get Fuchsia source code, build Fuchsia, and run Fuchsia on an emulator or hardware device.

Get Fuchsia source and build Fuchsia

To download the Fuchsia source code and set up your build environment, follow these instructions:

Set up Fuchsia

Fuchsia emulator (FEMU)

To set up and run the Fuchsia emulator (FEMU), see Set up the Fuchsia emulator (FEMU).

Fuchsia on a device

To set up a hardware device, follow the steps in Installing Fuchsia on a device and Build and pave quickstart.

Explore Fuchsia

You can explore Fuchsia further in the following guides:

Contribute to Zircon

Fuchsia source code includes Zircon, the core platform that underpins Fuchsia. To work on Zircon, see Getting started with Zircon.