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  4. lib/
  5. tools/
  6. zbi/
  7. zn_build/
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  14. zx_library.gni
  15. zx_test.gni


TODO( delete this directory.

This directory contains transient build infrastructure used for the AllN effort which aims at producing a single GN/ninja build for the entire Fuchsia system.

The zn_build directory hosts build templates that are sneakily inserted into //zircon/*/ files so that they integrate with the Fuchsia GN build.

Zircon library mappings

The zircon_library_mappings.json file configures some forwarding targets installed under //zircon/public/lib to assist with the migration of libraries.

Entries in this file should be added to the top-level array with the following format:

  "name": "foobarblah",
  "label": "//zircon/system/ulib/halbraboof",
  "sdk": true

All attributes are required:

  • name is the name of the forwarding target under //zircon/public/lib;
  • label is the GN label of the library the target should forward to;
  • sdk controls whether an additional forwarding target should be set up for the library.

To use this data in GN, import zircon_library_mappings.gni. The source of truth is a JSON file so that it may easily be read by the Python script generating the mappings (//build/zircon/