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test manager

Reviewed on: 2022-07-19

Test Manager runs v2 tests natively and returns result. run-test-suite and ffx test invoke Test Manager to run tests.


Test Manager should be included in eng builds of Fuchsia, but if missing can be added to builds by including --with //src/sys/test_manager to the fx set invocation.


Test Manager is invoked by either run-test-suite or ffx test when these tools are used to run tests. Test Manager should not be run directly.


Tests for this project are available in the tests folder. To run them include the test to your build by adding --with //src/sys/test_manager:tests to the fx set invocation.

The full set of unit tests and integration tests can be run with

$ fx test //src/sys/test_manager

To run the integration tests only, run

$ fx test test_manager_test

Source layout

The entrypoint is located in src/ Tests live in tests/.


When making changes to test manager or its children, developers want to run their tests against latest version of code. The following section highlights various scenarios and action to take to load the latest version of changes:

Changes to test manager code

When changes are made to test manager code, they can be loaded by first killing test manager on the device and then running the test.

fx shell killall

Changes to test manager's child code

When changes are made to test manager‘s static child’s code, developer first needs to kill that child and then run their test. For eg if changes are made to gtest_runner code:

fx shell killall

Changes to manifest

When changes are made to test manager or its static child manifest file, the device should be rebooted before the changes can be loaded.

fx reboot

Changes to a test

When changes are made to a test, the test can be executed again, and the latest version will be loaded and executed.

fx test <test_url>