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This library provides an implementation of the client side of the fuchsia.bluetooth.hfp FIDL APIs. It is designed to be used from within tests. It is not designed to build a production quality call manager.

The entry point to the library is the TestCallManager which can be used to interact with a bt-hfp-audio-gateway instance. The TestCallManager state is set through methods on the manager. Using background tasks, it asynchronously handles requests and responses made by the bt-hfp-audio-gateway. It does this using the state that has been set by the owner of the TestCallManager.


This library relies on the fuchsia.bluetooth.hfp.Hfp and fuchsia.bluetooth.hfp.test.HfpTest capabilities. Ensure both are available by including them in the integration test manifest.


This library is used to build integration tests. Its functionality is exercised in those tests directly.