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  2. constants.h
  3. defaults.h
  5. le_connection_parameters.h
  7. link_key.h
  8. lmp_feature_set.h
  9. protocol.h
  12. util.h
  14. vendor_protocol.h


The hci-spec library defines convenient and reliable C++ types, values and constants defining the HCI protocol as specified in the Bluetooth HCI Specification (Core Spec v5.2, Vol 4, Part E).

In particular:

  • protocol.h provides definitions of the opcodes and packet types that make up the HCI protocol, such as HCI Command types and HCI event types, for both BR/EDR and Low Energy.
  • constants.h provides definitions of the constant values defined in the HCI specification
  • defaults.h provides typical default values listed in the HCI specification for certain commands

A Note on Dependencies

This library is aimed to have minimal dependencies, especially on platform-specific code, such that it could feasible be widely used across multiple platforms in future. Dependencies should be kept to a minimum.

Future work

The design of this library - as a direct representation of types and values from the specification - could enable machine generation of the library from a concise canonical representation of specification types in future. If this path were taken, this library - along with equivalents in other languages - could be automatically generated from a single core definition.