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Simple UART driver template library

The lib/uart template library provides simple driver support for the UART devices supported as Zircon serial consoles. Its primary purpose is to implement serial console support for phys executables and the kernel proper, but it can be used in any environment. To support phys environments, the code must meet some stringent constraints; see lib/arch for more details.

The key use case is to instantiate a serial console device in physboot and then hand it off to the kernel proper. These are substantially different execution environments with separate code and limited ability to share data structures. The library is built around a layer that is hardware-specific but agnostic to execution environment; and a layer that is hardware-agnostic but parameterized for a particular execution environment. The hardware-specific layer's state can be safely shared or copied between the different environments.

Each supported UART device has a lib/uart/xyz.h header file that defines a uart::xyz namespace and a uart::xyz::Driver class. This namespace contains public hwreg types for the hardware registers so that user-level driver code can use the library just for these register definitions even without using the library's driver support. The uart::null::Driver class in lib/uart/null.h providea a bit-bucket fake hardware device and demonstrates the API contract for the hardware layer.

The “front-end” interface is the uart::KernelDriver template class in lib/uart/uart.h. This is parameterized by a uart::xyz::Driver hardware-support class, and two other template parameters that describe the execution environment's methods for synchronization and accessing hardware resources (i.e. MMIO and/or PIO). Trivial implementations are provided that suffice for phys environments.

uart::all::KernelDriver in lib/uart/all.h provides a variant type fanning out to all the supported device types. This can match ZBI items to configure and instantiate the serial console driver. The hardware configuration and state in the underlying uart::xyz::Driver object can then be transferred from the uart::all::KernelDriver instantiation in one environment to a new instantiation in a different environment.

lib/uart/mock.h in the separate uart-mock library provides zxtest testing support. uart::mock::Driver is used for testing the front end code itself. uart::mock::IoProvider is used to instantiate the front end for tests of each hardware-specific driver.