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Internationalization Example: Intl Wisdom

Simple example of using fuchsia.intl.Profile (from intl.fidl) for conveying internationalization properties to services. The wisdom server integrates with fuchsia.intl.Profile to serve a client query to represent a date-time point in several different calendars.


If these components are not present in your build, they can be added by appending --with //examples to your fx set command. For example:

$ fx set core.x64 --with //examples --with //examples:tests
$ fx build

If you do not already have one running, start a package server so the example components can be resolved from your device:

$ fx serve


To run the one of the examples defined here, provide the full component URL to run to create the component instances inside a restricted realm for development purposes:

  • C++

    $ ffx component run 'fuchsia-pkg://'
  • Rust

    $ ffx component run 'fuchsia-pkg://'

This creates the client and server instances, routing the necessary capabilities. To start the wisdom client, use the following command:

$ ffx component start /core/ffx-laboratory:intl_wisdom_realm/wisdom_client

This starts the server component automatically. You can see the client output using fx log.


To run the test components defined here, provide the build target to fx test:

$ fx test //examples/intl/wisdom


You can optionally specify the following using program arguments in the client manifest.

args: [


Timestamp in ISO-8601 format, to be used in generating bits of wisdom.


Timezone that will be set in the Profile, by using an IANA Time Zone ID.