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  2. fizzbuzz/
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Inspect C++ Example

Reviewed on: 2020-01-10

This directory contains the example program for the Inspect C++ Codelab.


To add this project to your build, append --with //examples/diagnostics/inspect/codelab/cpp to the fx set invocation.


The example program consists of a client program that starts the codelab server and connects to it. The codelab server implements a service called “Reverser” that simply reverses strings passed to it.

Each part of the codelab has its own component, and the client program can be configured to open a specific part.

To run Part 2 of the codelab and pass the strings “Hello” and “World” to the service, run the following:

$ fx shell run inspect_cpp_codelab_client 2 Hello World


Unit tests for the codelab are available in the inspect_cpp_codelab_unittests package.

Integration tests are also available in the inspect_cpp_codelab_integration_tests package.

$ fx run-test inspect_cpp_codelab_unittests
$ fx run-test inspect_cpp_codelab_integration_tests

Source layout

  • client/ contains the source for inspect_cpp_codelab_client
  • fizzbuzz/ contains the source for inspect_cpp_codelab_fizzbuzz, a service that the codelab server depends on to demonstrate service dependencies.
  • part_#/, where # is a number, contains the source for the respective part of the codelab.
  • part_#/tests contains the source for the integration tests.