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  1. build/
  2. char_set/
  3. collections/
  4. fake/
  5. fidl_fuchsia_fonts_ext/
  6. font_info/
  7. freetype_ffi/
  8. groups/
  9. manifest/
  10. meta/
  11. offset_string/
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  13. src/
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  20. OWNERS


An app that provides font data to other apps.

Provided fonts.

Currently, we provide the Roboto and Noto fonts.

We additionally provide the Material Design Fonts, which must be kept in sync with Flutter's version of it. See here for their update instructions.

Adding new fonts.

To add new fonts:

  1. Place all font files in the new directory along with LICENSE and README files.
  2. Add the relevant repository and font files to the recipe here.
  3. Update the Fonts section of the CIPD ensure file here with the new git_revisions (which can be retrieved from here).
  4. Trigger the bot to run with the changes from the LUCI scheduler here.
  5. Add the new font files in
  6. Add the new fonts in manifest.json.