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  1. _fx
  2. _fx_boot
  3. _fx_build
  4. _fx_build-push
  5. _fx_cp
  6. _fx_exec
  7. _fx_format-code
  8. _fx_log
  9. _fx_mkzedboot
  10. _fx_netaddr
  11. _fx_push-package
  12. _fx_push-package-no-publish
  13. _fx_reboot
  14. _fx_run-test
  15. _fx_set
  16. _fx_set-device
  17. _fx_symbolize
  18. _fx_use
  19. _fx_verify-build-packages

Zsh Completion

Partial Zsh completion support for the fx tool.


Add //scripts/zsh-completion/ to your fpath before running compinit. For example:

fpath+=( ~/fuchsia/scripts/zsh-completion )


Subcommands are completed by looking in //tools/devshell/ but there isn't completion for most subcommand arguments. To add completion for fx foo write a new autoload function in //scripts/zsh-completion/_fx_foo. It will be called by the _fx completion function when needed. The ${fuchsia_dir} and ${fuchsia_build_dir} local variables will be available to the subcommand completion function.