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  5. gce

Fuchsia GCE Scripts

The scripts in this directory are convenience wrappers around primarily two tools: make-fuchsia-vol that is a host tool in the build, and gcloud which is the command like client for Google Cloud.

The scripts are usable via //scripts/gce/gce as an executable bash script.


  • You have followed the Fuchsia getting started documents: /docs/getting_started
  • You have installed & configured gcloud(1):
  • You have setup defaults for gcloud, e.g.:
gcloud auth login
gcloud config set project my-awesome-cloud
gcloud config set compute/region us-west1
gcloud config set compute/zone us-west1-a

Building and running an image

The following incantation will create the relevant disk images and boot a Fuchsia instance:

fx set core.x64 --release
fx build
fx gce create-fuchsia-image
fx gce create-instance
sleep 60
fx gce serial
fx gce delete-instance

How the sausage is made


The gce script suite comes with an that sets default environment variables used by gce subcommands. The gce entrypoint script sources this. Users can override all of the variables seen in, for example, altering the name of the GCE instance you create/delete can be done by setting $FUCHSIA_GCE_INSTANCE. See the contents of the script for more options.

Fuchsia volumes

The Fuchsia disk images are built as standard x86-64 EFI bootable GPT volumes.

Command execution

The gce entrpoint script sources, then looks for a command script in the gce scripts directory that matches the first argument given to it. If it finds one, it shifts the first argument and execs that script.


  • make-fuchsia-image - builds a local image file containing your local fuchsia build
  • create-fuchsia-image - builds and uploads a fuchsia image to GCE.
  • serial - attaches to the instance serial port. Note that you will need to have an appropriately configured compute engine ssh key for this to work. If you have a more tuned ssh configuration, you may need to add ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine to your ssh-agent.
  • create-instance - create a GCE instance running fuchsia based on the most recently created fuchsia image.
  • delete-instance - deletes a GCE instance created by create-instance.