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Token Manager Factory


Token Manager Factory is the component currently used to manage authentication tokens for Fuchsia. It maintains databases containing long-lived tokens for sets of service provider accounts, where each database relates to a single user of the device where the notion of user is defined by the client of Token Manager Factory.

A single instance of the Token Manager Factory component is launched by Basemgr, from which a set of Token Manager channels are created for use by different components within Peridot.

The ongoing refactor of Peridot will include a switch from using Token Manager Factory to using Account Manager. Even after this transition Token Manager Factory may still serve a purpose on devices that do not support the full Fuchsia account system.

Key Dependencies

  • /identity/lib/token_manager - Token Manager Factory uses the TokenManager library to perform its authentication token management and implement the fuchsia.auth.TokenManager FIDL protocol
  • Auth Providers - Token Manager Factory launches instances of components that implement the fuchsia.auth.AuthProviderFactory FIDL protocol. A single component is launched for each configured AuthProvider, serving all users


TokenManagerFactory implements the fuchsia.auth.TokenManagerFactory FIDL protocol. The crate's main function creates a single instance of this struct and uses it to handle all incoming requests. TokenManagerFactory maintains a single instance of AuthProviderSupplier and a map from user to instances of token_manager::TokenManager, creating new entries in the map on the first request for each user.

AuthProviderSupplier implements the token_manager::AuthProviderSupplier trait, maintaining a map from auth_provider_type to instances of token_manager::AuthProviderConnection in order to lazily launch auth provider components on first request.

Future Work

Account Manager is the replacement user identity system for Fuchsia. Once this is complete and Peridot has been migrated from Token Manager Factory to Account Manager, the role of Token Manager Factory will change. Design is still ongoing here, but it is likely that Token Manager Factory will be downscoped to remove the multi-user support and retained for devices that do not need the full multi-user Fuchsia account system.

Currently the set of Auth Providers known to Token Manager Factory must be passed by the caller in every request to create a Token Manager channel and these must be consistent across calls. The need for this configuration knowledge significantly constrained how Token Manager Factory was integrated in Peridot. In the future we will move to a config file based configuration that will let different build configurations install different Auth Providers and remove the need for clients to supply configuration. In the longer term we will support dynamic addition of Auth Providers at runtime.