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Account Manager


Account Manager is the core component of the user account system for Fuchsia.

The Account Manager maintains the set of Fuchsia accounts that are provisioned on the device, launches and configures Authentication Provider components to perform authentication via service providers, and launches and delegates to Account Handler component instances to determine the detailed state and authentication for each account.

Each device that supports Fuchsia accounts will have a single instance of the Account Manager component, started on demand, that implements the discoverable fuchsia.auth.account.AccountManager FIDL protocols and acts as the entry point to the account system. Only a small number of core system components should depend directly on Account Manager, the remaining components should only rely on the least powerful protocol required to perform their role, typically fuchsia.auth.account.Persona or fuchsia.auth.TokenManager.

Key Dependencies

  • /identity/bin/account_handler - Account Manager launches a separate instance of the Account Handler component to handle the request for each Fuchsia account
  • /identity/lib/account_common - Account Manager uses error and identifier definitions from this crate
  • /identity/lib/token_manager - Account Manager uses the AuthProviderConnection struct to lazily launch and maintain connections to components implementing the fuchsia.auth.AuthProviderFactory FIDL protocol
  • Auth Providers - Account Manager launches instances of components that implement the fuchsia.auth.AuthProviderFactory FIDL protocol. A single component is launched for each configured AuthProvider, serving all Fuchsia accounts


AccountManager implements the fuchsia.auth.account.AccountManager FIDL protocol. The crate's main function creates a single instance of this struct and uses it to handle all incoming requests.

AccountManager maintains a single AccountHandlerContext instance and a map from the local identifiers of all accounts on the device to an associated AccountHandlerConnection. These AccountHandlerConnection instances are created lazily upon the first request pertaining to a particular account.

AccountHandlerConnection launches, initializes, and maintains a connection to an instance of the Account Handler component.

AccountHandlerContext implements the fuchsia.auth.account.internal.AccountHandlerContext FIDL protocol, using a map from all configured auth_provider_type strings to an associated AuthProviderConnection.

Future Work

The Account Manager is not yet fully complete. In particular the change listener protocols and local authentication state are not finished.

Currently the set of Auth Providers known to Account Manager is hard coded. In the near future this will move to a config file based configuration that will let different build configurations install different Auth Providers. In the longer term we will support dynamic addition of Auth Providers at runtime.