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Runtests is a command line tool that runs tests.

The most complete documentation of its capabilities and interface is the usage string it prints.

It may be useful to developers working with the bringup product configuration, since currently fx test does not support running tests in that configuration. In this configuration, it should can be invoked from the serial console as runtests. To see a list of all the tests are on the device's Boot FS, run runttests --all -d.

It is used in continuous integration infrastructure in the following ways:

  • In coverage profile builders it is used since it knows how to set up collection of coverage profiles.
  • In bringup builders it is used with --all.
  • In bringup “test in shards” builders (planned replacement for the above bringup builders, tracked by, it is used to run one test at a time. It's useful (vs just invoking the tests directly) because it enforces timeouts and translates exit codes into predictable strings that are written to the serial console.