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mime_guess Build Status

MIME/MediaType guessing by file extension. Uses a compile-time perfect hash map of known file extension -> MIME type mappings.


Note: MIME Types Returned Are Not Stable/Guaranteed

The media types returned for a given extension are not considered to be part of the crate's stable API and are often updated in patch (#.#.x) releases to be as correct as possible.

Additionally, only the extensions of paths/filenames are inspected in order to guess the MIME type. The file that may or may not reside at that path may or may not be a valid file of the returned MIME type. Be wary of unsafe or un-validated assumptions about file structure or length.


Adding or correcting MIME types for extensions

Is the MIME type for a file extension wrong or missing? Great! Well, not great for us, but great for you if you'd like to open a pull request!

The file extension -> MIME type mappings are listed in src/ The list is sorted alphabetically by file extension, and all extensions are lowercase (where applicable). This is necessary only for the sanity of the crate maintainers; extension search is case-insensitive.

Simply add or update the appropriate string pair(s) to make the correction(s) needed. Run cargo test to make sure the library continues to work correctly.

(Important!) Citing the corrected MIME type

When opening a pull request, please include a link to an official document or RFC noting the correct MIME type for the file type in question. Though we‘re only guessing here, we like to be as correct as we can. It makes it much easier to vet your contribution if we don’t have to search for corroborating material.

Changes to the API or operation of the crate

We‘re open to changes to the crate’s API or its inner workings, breaking or not, if it improves the overall operation, efficiency, or ergonomics of the crate. However, it would be a good idea to open an issue on the repository so we can discuss your proposed changes and decide how best to approach them.


MIT (See the LICENSE file in this repository for more information.)