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Token Store


Token Store provides an on-disk database for long-lived authentication tokens such as OAuth refresh tokens and credential keys. It is used by the Token Manager library.

Key Dependencies



Although the database is currently stored as a JSON file on disk, the design of the crate is modular to enable an in-memory database during testing and to enable the use of alternative serialization formats in the future.

The database is modelled as a key-value store. defines CredentialKey (composed of auth_provider_type and user_profile_id), and CredentialValue as the key and value types, plus an AuthDb trait that all database implementations must implement. defines a Serializer trait and a single JsonSerializer implementation of this trait that relies on the Rust Serde library to create and parse JSON authentication databases. defines an AuthDbFile implementation of AuthDb. This is generic over its serialization and an implementation of Serializer must be supplied at construction.

Future Work

No significant future work is currently planned in this crate.

The store is a simple crate that is unlikely to ever be used outside of Token Manager. Potentially it will be merged into Token Manager at some point.