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Token Cache


Token Cache provides an ephemeral cache for short-lived authentication tokens such as OAuth access and ID tokens and Firebase tokens. The cache contents are only stored in memory so are not preserved across executions.

This crate is used by the Token Manager library.

Key Dependencies



The TokenCache struct stores tokens as a mapping from CacheKey to CacheToken implementors. CacheKey and CacheToken are traits that define the requirements for keys and tokens stored in the cache. A CacheToken implementation must provide an expiration time used for cache eviction. A CacheKey must provide the Service Provider account (user_profile_id) and the Auth Provider used to communicate with it (auth_provider_type), as well as some unique identifier. A CacheKey is also statically tied to a specific CacheToken type to enforce type safety. CacheKey and CacheToken implementations are provided by the user.

Future Work

The cache is a simple crate that is unlikely to ever be used outside of Token Manager. Potentially it will be merged into Token Manager at some point.