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Font Server integration tests

Updated 2019-12-12

Test groups

There are three groups of tests:

  • reviewed_api
    Tests for the API-reviewed fuchsia.fonts.Provider protocol in the SDK.

  • old_api
    Tests for the initial version of that protocol. This is deprecated and will be removed as soon as we‘re confident we’ve removed all remaining clients.

  • experimental_api
    Tests for not-yet-reviewed experimental APIs, which are not in the SDK.

Where are the manifests coming from?

You‘ll notice that this directory contains only two .json files, containing hard-coded manifests. These are installed into the font server’s namespace (under /testdata) by the tests that launch the font provider.

The rest of the test manifests are generated in the calls to font_collection() in //src/fonts/, using real font data pulled down from CIPD (just like production font manifests). These are added to the font server's namespace under /config/data/.

Omitted fields

Any omitted fields in the manifests are assumed to have the following values:

  • Generic family: None
  • Index: 0
  • Styles (Slant, Weight, Width)
    • Upright, 400, Normal
  • Languages: []