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  1. client/
  2. common/
  3. console/
  4. debug_adapter/
  5. expr/
  6. symbols/
  9. main_e2e_test.h
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This is the code for the frontend of the Fuchsia debugger. This frontend runs on the developer's host computer (Linux or Mac) and talks via IPC (code in ../ipc) to the debug agent (code in ../debug_agent) running on the Fuchsia target.

User documentation

Please see the debugger setup and usage documentation.


In order from the lowest conceptual level to the highest. Dependencies always point “up” in this list.

  • common: Lower-level utilities used by multiple other layers. Can not depend on any other part of the debugger.

  • symbols: The symbol library. This wraps LLVM's DWARF parser and provides symbol indexing, an object model, and helper utilities for dealing with symbols.

  • expr: The expression evaluation library. This provides a parser for C++-like expressions and an execution environment for these expressions using the symbol library.

  • client: Conceptually this is a library for writing a debugger UI. It provides functions for the lower-level commands like “step” and “next” and an object model for dealing with processes, threads, etc. But this library provides no user-interface.

  • console: Frontend for the client that provides a console UI on Linux and Mac.

  • debug_adapter : Debug Adapter Protocol server to support IDE debugger clients.