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Reviewed on: 2022-01-05

This folder contains the run_test_suite library and run-test-suite binary.

  • The run-test-suite binary is a command line tool run on a Fuchsia device that runs tests which implement fuchsia.test.Suite.
  • ffx test is a plugin for ffx that runs tests which implement fuchsia.test.Suite. It is located in the ffx plugins folder. See the ffx plugin development guide for details on how to develop ffx test.
  • The run_test_suite library contains common code used for both the run-test-suite library and ffx test.

Run test suite runs tests which implement fuchsia.test.Suite and displays result. It will exit with code 0 if tests passes else with code 1.


run-test-suite should be included test build of Fuchsia, but if missing can be added to builds by including --with //src/sys/run_test_suite to the fx set invocation.



$ fx shell run run-test-suite <v2_test_component_url>


Tests for the run-test-suite library and binary can be added to builds by including --with //src/sys/run_test_suite:tests to the fx set invocation.

Unit tests can be run with

$ fx test run-test-suite-unit-tests

Integration tests for this project are available in the tests folder. They can be run with

$ fx test run_test_suite_integration_tests

Source layout

The run-test-suite library is located in the src directory. The top entry point for the library is src/

The run-test-suite library is organized into two sections:

  • An executor section that is responsible for scheduling tests and streaming results and artifacts using the fuchsia.test.manager protocols. This comprises the files contained directly under src.
  • A reporter portion responsible for recording results and artifacts to various output formats, such as to human readable stdout and machine readable structured output. This is comprised of the output module contained in src/output.

The entry point for the run-test-suite binary is located in src/