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This component can be included in a build to support writing a sparse FVM to a a ramdisk during boot, which results in a temporary FVM which is lost once the system is rebooted.

This enables trying Fuchsia without worrying about paving a device or sacrificing a computer to try it on.

Using it

  1. Set up a Fuchsia development environment.
  2. Run the following in a shell:
$ echo 'boot.usb=true bootloader.default=local devmgr.bind-eager=usb_composite' > cmdline
$ fx set workstation_eng.x64 && fx build
  1. Insert a USB device. We will call it /dev/sdX - replace X with the appropriate drive letter.
  2. Run the following:
$ fx make-fuchsia-vol -use-sparse-fvm -cmdline cmdline /dev/sdX
  1. Insert the USB drive into a Fuchsia-compatible computer, boot from it, and wait a minute or two.