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  1. assemblies/
  2. config/
  3. dns_resolver/
  4. fake_boot_arguments/
  5. fshost/
  6. paver/
  7. pkg_server/
  8. poison_tuf_signature/
  9. reboot/
  10. rewrite_packages_json_domain/
  11. tests/
  12. util/

Security Tests for Package Delivery

This directory implements a series of large integration tests that verify security properties of the package delivery system. Most of these properties encode the package delivery system's role in ensuring verified execution.

These are target tests, not host tests: tests run in a hermetic environment on a target Fuchsia system, not on a development host machine.

Test Structure

These tests instantiate the production implementation of package delivery components in a production configuration (as apposed to development configuration). All dependent components are faked to either:

  1. Simulate expected dependency behaviour, or
  2. Operate in an adversarial mode, simulating a dependency under attacker control.

See subdirectory files for further details.