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  3. sysmgr_config.json
  4. sysmgr_config_small.json
  5. sysmgr_config_small_timezones.json

Configuration bits for intl_services

The configuration files available:

  • sysmgr_config.json: the configuration submitted to sysmgr. The syntax of this file is described in Sysmgr configuration documentation

  • sysmgr_config_small.json: the configuration submitted to sysmgr for systems with small storage space. In such systems, some of the functionality that is normally served by separate components has been fused into a single component. This reduces the storage overhead.

  • sysmgr_config_small_timezones.json: the configuration submitted to sysmgr for systems that need to serve fuchsia.intl.TimeZones from the intl_services binary rather than from the time zones binary. This happens mostly due to space constrains. f.i.TimeZones is normally served by time-zone-info-service.