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Debug Adapter

This module integrates with third party debug adapter protocol library to support IDE based debugging. Read for information about the protocol and supported IDEs.


In order use zxdb with vscode -

  • Download the zxdb vscode extension from here (TBD)
  • Goto Run > Start Debugging and select zxdb configuration
  • Enter target executable to attach/launch
  • vscode debugger is now connected to zxdb


  • Debug adapter server - Manages connection to the debug adapter client. Currently, only a single client is accepted. If client closes connection, this modules resets the connection and waits for new client.

  • Debug adapter context - Parses requests from debug adapter client using cppdap library. Once requests are parsed, they are processed by using zxdb client session

The runtime view of various modules in zxdb and interaction of debug adapter with them is depicted below - Runtime view

Note that the session is shared between console and debug adapter, which enables users to use zxdb console in addition to the IDE to control the debugging session.

Interactions with zxdb client session

Debug adapter context uses zxdb client session to manage debugging session connected to the target debug agent. The client provides Target, Process and Thread objects to represent the debugging system. Currently debug adapter context uses the default target present in the system and does not create any new targets. This implies that Debug adapter context can only attach to a single process for debugging. Support for attaching to multiple processes can be added in the future.