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  1. include/
  5. builder.cpp
  6. decoding.cpp
  7. encoding.cpp
  8. epitaph.c
  9. formatting.cpp
  10. handle_closing.cpp
  11. internal.cpp
  12. linearizing.cpp
  13. llcpp_transaction.cpp
  14. message.cpp
  15. message_buffer.cpp
  16. message_builder.cpp
  17. transport.cpp
  18. validating.cpp
  19. walker.cpp

The C and C++ fidl library

This library provides the runtime for fidl C bindings. This primarily means the definitions of the message encoding and decoding functions. This also includes the definitions of fidl data types such as vectors and strings.


This library depends only on the C standard library, the Zircon kernel public API, and some header-only parts of the C++ standard library. In particular, this library does not depend on libfbl.a or libzx.a. It also does not link against the C++ standard library.

Some of the object files in this library require an implementation of the placement new operators from the standard library's header file. These are usually implemented as inlines in the header.