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Rust Spinning Square

This crate is a first cut at an Scenic app written in Rust. It is losely based on //garnet/examples/ui/spinning_square_view.

Getting Started

  1. Check out and build at least the Garnet level of Fuchsia.
  2. Pave and boot your build of Fuchsia.
  3. If the layer you selected was Topaz, the Tiles program is already running. If not, start it with run tiles_ctl -d.
  4. Launch the Rust spinning square with tiles_ctl add spinning_square_rs_pkg. You can launch as many copies as you like, as well as tiles_ctl add spinning_square_view to compare Rust and C++.


If you like to hack on this program there is a faster development cycle one can use after the first build.

As a one-time setup step, run:

./scripts/fx gen-cargo //garnet/examples/ui/spinning_square_rs

This step creates a symbolic link from the source directory to the generated Cargo.toml file found on the out directory. After that, one can use:

fargo run --release --run-with-tiles

to build, scp to device and tiles_ctl add the spinning square binary.

One can build and browse the documentation for all the crates used by this program with the following command:

fargo doc --open

To Do

Currently input events are not wired up. The steps to do so would be to use the way the ViewListenerRequestStream is monitored and set up the same thing for input services as described in //garnet/public/fidl/fuchsia.ui.views_v1/views.fidl.

So much use of Arc<Mutex<>> is unfortunate. It would be great to find a way where it is not needed.

Integrating the approach used by Raph's xi-win for translating widgets to scenic commands is worth trying.