[kernel][arm64][mmu] Fix bug where privileged executable pages are executable from EL0

Previously, was always setting UXN and PXN bits on pages explicitly
mapped as non executable, not taking into account that user (EL0) code
could access a privileged page because UXN wasn't set.

Change the logic to appropriately set PXN and UXN bits on user and
privleged executable pages, appropriately:

user/privileged non-executable page: UXN=1, PXN=1
user executable page: UXN=0, PXN=1
privileged executable page: UXN=1, PXN=0

EL2 mappings for the kernel interpret these bits slightly differently,
so simply map the non executable code as XN=1 (bit 54).

Add kernel unit test to validate that pages mapped this way at least
appear to be in sync with the aspace.Query() api.

Bug: 88451
Change-Id: Icea7a3c5b5effa8b8fe828b3ed6d8e27433caaf0
Reviewed-on: https://fuchsia-review.googlesource.com/c/fuchsia/+/614141
Reviewed-by: Marco Vanotti <mvanotti@google.com>
Commit-Queue: Travis Geiselbrecht <travisg@google.com>
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