[pkg-cache] Add blob write retry

This change attempts to workaround an inconsistency between
pkgfs/install and pkg-cache when fetching a package, where pkgfs/install
reports a blob is still needed but pkg-cache has already either decided
it was already present or has written it.  After processing all blobs in
the package, pkg-cache will re-query pkgfs/install and open any
remaining blobs for write.  If pkgfs discovers the blob is present (as
it should be at this point), it will unblock the package install. If
this blob data is somehow still needed, the package cache operation will
fail as it did before.

Bug: 74326
Change-Id: I0ff191d9061a530159bc43e90bdd854a9b05bfa7
Reviewed-on: https://fuchsia-review.googlesource.com/c/fuchsia/+/514654
Fuchsia-Auto-Submit: Kevin Wells <kevinwells@google.com>
Reviewed-by: Aaron Wood <aaronwood@google.com>
Commit-Queue: Auto-Submit <auto-submit@fuchsia-infra.iam.gserviceaccount.com>
1 file changed
tree: c1a37071363169ffcaf255af726ddd3fb52d980f
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  2. .clang-tidy
  3. .git-blame-ignore-revs
  4. .gitattributes
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  6. .gn
  7. .style.yapf
  9. BUILD.gn
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  15. README.md
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  20. docs/
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  23. products/
  24. rustfmt.toml
  25. scripts/
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  27. src/
  28. third_party/
  29. tools/
  30. zircon/


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