[volume_image]: Lz4DecompressReader.

Allows streaming a compressed sparse image without decompressing
entirely beforehand.

Fixed decompression where, the decompressor would resize its internal
buffer to match whatever size the hint requested. This is wrong, since
it would break expected bounds. That aside, the internal decompressor
has its own decompressor buffers, aligned to the compression blocks.

Removed harmlesss incorrect behavior. Decompressing a compressed sparse
fvm flag, would remove the no fill required flag from the header. This
is not correct, since when a compressed image is generated, all zeroes
are emitted, and left for the compressor to reduce the space. This was
harmless because it just resulted in more zeroes being written when
writing a decompressed sparse image.

Update default constructor for Lz4Compressor, to set the default
arguments for the LZ4_preferences_t required to compress.

Test: storage-volume-image-test
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