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  3. build.go
  4. build_test.go
  5. cmd/
  6. common.go
  7. filetype/
  8. ninja.go
  9. ninja_test.go
  10. parse.go
  11. parse_test.go
  12. proto/
  13. set.go
  14. set_test.go
  15. should_build.go
  16. should_build_test.go


fint provides a common high-level interface for continuous integration infrastructure and local developer tools to build Fuchsia.


The fint Go library exports two main commands:

  1. fint.Set(), which runs gn gen.
  2. fint.Build(), which runs ninja against a build directory that has already been configured by fint.Set().


The cmd/fint directory contains the code for the fint tool, which is a thin wrapper around the fint library. It has two commands, set and build, each of which calls into the corresponding fint library function.

This code is nested under cmd/fint within the main fint directory so that go build will output an executable named fint by default. If it were directly within the cmd directory, then the default executable name would confusingly be cmd.