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  4. devices/
  5. docs/
  6. fidl/
  7. lib/
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  12. core.api
  13. e2e_testing.api
  14. modular_testing.api
  15. OWNERS

Fuchsia SDK

This directory contains the source code for the core of the Fuchsia SDK. The SDK itself is produced as an output of the build by processing the contents of this directory. For example, this directory might contain the source code for a library that is included in the SDK as a prebuilt shared library.

Software outside of the Platform Source Tree should depend only on the Fuchsia SDK.

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Not all the interfaces defined in this directory are part of every Fuchsia SDK. Instead, interfaces have a category label that determines whether the interface can be included in a given SDK. For example, interfaces with the internal category are available only within the Platform Source Tree. Interfaces with the partner category are additionally available to partner projects. See sdk_atom.gni for more details.


The API surface described by the SDK is governed by the Fuchsia API Council and should conform to the appropriate API rubrics.