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Graphical Session Example

Reviewed on: 2021-09-22

This directory contains an example implementation of a session that uses scenic to render and animate an image to the screen.

Building graphical-session

The example sessions are included in the build when you include //src/session with your fx set:

fx set <PRODUCT>.<BOARD> --with //src/session

Running graphical-session

To launch the session, run:

ffx session launch fuchsia-pkg://


Add --with //src/session:tests to your fx set command:

fx set <PRODUCT>.<BOARD> --with //src/session --with //src/session:tests

The tests are available in the graphical-session-unittests package. To run the tests, use:

fx test graphical-session-unittests

Source Layout

The entry point and session units tests are located in src/ src/ contains a struct that represents the graphical elements and manages the interaction with scenic. Creating the connection to scenic and handling the timing of updates is done in src/ src/ contains some useful helper functions.

The images that is rendered on the screen is in /resources.