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TODO(surajmalhotra): Explain banjo's purpose and usage.


Run the following commands:

fx build tools/banjo/banjo
cp out/default/host_x64/banjo_bin zircon/prebuilt/downloads/banjo/banjo_bin
fx build


Run the following commands:

fx set ${product}.${board} --with //bundles:tests
fx run-host-tests banjo_unittests_lib_test


Once you have submitted your changes and they have passed GI, runners in infra will automatically compile and upload the prebuilt banjo binary to CIPD. In order to introduce a new version of banjo into the build, perform the following steps:

  • Find linux and macos cipd packages from the following locations with matching git revision hashes:

Note that the git hashes are only visible after clicking the instance ID links. The instance IDs for mac and linux will be different. You may notice multiple git revision hashes under a single instance ID; this occurs when multiple packages uploaded to CIPD were binary identical so they got deduplicated.

  • Update the following files with the git revision and Instance IDs:

You can use this cl as a reference.

  • Run zircon/scripts/download-prebuilts && fx build and ensure build works correctly (confirm it has the new changes you expect).
  • Upload change for review.