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Helpful Vim tools for Fuchsia development


  • Configure YouCompleteMe to provide error checking, completion and source navigation within the Fuchsia tree.
  • Set path so that :find and gf know how to find files.
  • Fidl syntax highlighting (using /lib/fidl/tools/vim/).
  • Basic build system integration so that :make builds and populates the QuickFix window.


  1. Update your login script

    Steps #2 and #3 depend on configuration set by the fx set command. Add these lines to your startup script (typically ~/.bashrc).

    export FUCHSIA_DIR=/path/to/fuchsia-dir
    fx set core.x64
  2. Update your vim startup file

    If this line exists in your ~/.vimrc file, remove it:

    filetype plugin indent on

    Then add these lines to your ~/.vimrc.

    if $FUCHSIA_DIR != ""
      source $FUCHSIA_DIR/scripts/vim/fuchsia.vim
    filetype plugin indent on
  3. Install YouCompleteMe (ycm)

    Optionally install YouCompleteMe for fancy completion, source navigation and inline errors.

    If it's installed, fuchsia.vim will configure it properly.

    If everything is working properly, you can place the cursor on an identifier in a .cc or .h file, hit Ctrl-], and YCM will take you to the definition of the identifier.

    If you build a compilation database, YCM will use it, which may be more reliable and efficient than the default configuration. Use fx compdb to build a compilation database.

See also

Zircon editor integration


In the future it would be nice to support:

  • Fidl indentation
  • GN indentation
  • Dart, Go and Rust support
  • Navigate between generated files and fidl source