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Fidldoc is a command-line tool that generates reference pages based on FIDL JSON IR.


  1. Include fidldoc by adding a direct or indirect reference to it in your fx set (e.g. fx set core.x64 --with //tools/fidl/fidldoc)
  2. Build with fx build tools/fidl/fidldoc:fidldoc


  1. Run with a single file fx fidldoc fuchsia-device.fidl.json
  2. Run with a list of files fx fidldoc json/*

By default, docs will be generated in ./docs/. You can change that by specifying the --output (or -o) command-line flag. Use the --template (or -t) flag to select the output format. Currently, the two supported values are markdown and html.

Additional configurations can be provided in a fidldoc.config.json file and passed as part of the command line interface.


fx fidldoc -v \
    ./out/x64/fidling/gen/zircon/system/fidl/fuchsia-mem/fuchsia-mem.fidl.json \
    -c ./out/default/host_x64/fidldoc.config.json

The all_fidl_json.txt file provides a list of file locations to all of the FIDL JSON IR files that are part of the Fuchsia build. You can use this file to generate all of the reference docs. The snippet below shows an example of how to do it:

FIDL_PATHS=$(cat ./out/default/all_fidl_json.txt | sed -e 's/^/.\/out\/default\//')
fx fidldoc -v $(echo $FIDL_PATHS)

You can optionally pass a --tag flag to specify a source definition.

Example - How to use the --tag flag to point to the current git commit or branch:

fx fidldoc -v \
    ./out/x64/fidling/gen/zircon/system/fidl/fuchsia-mem/fuchsia-mem.fidl.json \
    -c ./out/default/host_x64/fidldoc.config.json \
    --tag $(git rev-parse HEAD)


The tests target will generate a unit test binary in the build output directory.

  1. Set the test target fx set core.x64 --with //tools/fidl/fidldoc:tests
  2. Run with fx test host_x64/fidldoc_bin_test


The test fidldoc_goldens_test uses .test.fidl files from //tools/fidl/fidlc/testdata as input, and compares the generated output with goldens from //tools/fidl/fidldoc/goldens.

To regenerate the goldens run:

fx regen-goldens fidldoc