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  1. brightness.fidl
  3. color_adjustment.fidl
  4. fuchsia.ui.brightness.api
  5. fuchsia.ui.brightness.api_summary.json
  6. overview.fidl


Brightness comprises Brightness Manager which serves brightness.fidl, the Color Tint module which serves color_tint.fidl and a color adjustment service which uses color_adjustment.fidl.



The FIDL interface in brightness.fidl is typically used by the settings component to tell it what to do. The settings component will use this interface to control brightness.

This component manages the screen backlight. It has two modes auto-brightness and manual.

This interface will typically be used by the brightness UI but will support concurrent users.

Auto-brightness Mode

In this mode the brightness polls the light sensor and sets the backlight as appropriate, darker as the sensor gets less light and brighter as it gets more.

Manual Mode

In manual mode the backlight remains at a fixed brightness until the brightness component is told to set the backlight to another brightness or auto-brightness mode is turned on.


The brightness component always ensures that the screen backlight changes smoothly over short period of time. This means that the calling application can abruptly change the screen brightness without having to worry about making the user jump!


The FIDL interface in color_adjustment.fidl is used by a component to provide a handle so that color adjustment matrices can be sent at will.


The FIDL interface in color_tint.fidl is used to ask a color tinting component to convert a light sensor reading to a screen tint.