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  1. app/
  2. fidl/
  3. firestore/
  4. grpc/
  5. include/
  6. testing/
  7. validation/
  9. cloud_provider_firestore_unittests.cmx

Firestore-based cloud provider

This directory contains a Firestore-based implementation of the cloud provider interface.


The tests are packaged with Ledger tests.

In order to run the unit tests:

fx run-test ledger_tests -t cloud_provider_firestore_unittests

In order to run the validation tests, follow the cloud sync set-up instructions to set up a Firestore instance, configure the build environment and obtain the sync parameters.

Then, run the validation tests as follows:

fx push-package ledger_tests
fx shell run-test-component validation_firestore

Note that validation_firestore is only a launcher for the actual tests, cloud_provider_validation_tests. As a result, you will need to look at fx log output to see if the tests passed.